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Jesse Hutton ('82) has posted a video on You Tube as a tribute to the Madison High Alumni who have gone on before.

MHS All Class Golf Classic

October 12, 2018
Winners of the MHS Alumni 2018 Golf Tournament.

1st Place First Flight:
Ron Page, Johnny Jenkins, Charles Beaty, Richard Smith

2nd Place first Flight:
Louie Wilson, Mike Apple, Kevin Williams, Gary Osborne

1st Place 2nd flight:
Johnny Moore, Steve Moore, Jimmy Cheatham, Forrest Pate

2nd Place 2nd Flight:
Andy Howell, Cameron Howell, Eric Henderson, Don Blanton, Preston Smith

Closest to the hole:
#2 John Norris; #7 Forrest Pate; #15 Bill Wedekind; #17

Longest Drive:
Cathy Wedekind

Putting Contest:
John Norris

Check out a few photos from the tournament.

The Purpose of Madison High School

The staff and students of Madison High School believed that the purpose of the school was to develop the student for successful personal, social and economic living and that the school should provide enriching experiences so that the pupil would mature in his mental processes, advance in an understanding of and appreciation for his social and cultural heritage and improve in his use of the communicative tools; speaking, reading, writing and listening and grow in the formulation and practice of high moral standards and ethical ideals.


Standing proudly there before us -
With your glory all around;
Truth and Justice be your watchword,
And may you in Love abound.

Madison High, we Love you dearly;
Proudly do we hail your name.
May your name go on before us,
Into Life's great hall of fame.

Open wide your doors of knowledge
Welcome all who enter here.
gain in wisdom, joy and honor -
Stand for all we hold most dear.

Madison High, we Love you dearly;
Proudly do we hail your name.
May your name go on before us,
Into Life's great hall of fame.

This is the singing of Madison High School Alma Mater at a final assembly program for friends, alumni, faculty, and the Madison Community. The day was Sunday, May 5, 1985. This was the conclusion of a program featuring former school administration and school board officials. The Madison High building was closed and later reopened as a middle school. For all of us that passed through the doors at Madison we hold some special memories. Our neighborhood high school was taken away but will always live in our hearts as a great place to grow up, fun times with friends, and dedicated teachers who really cared.

Larry DeWeese (Class of 67)

Published on May 14, 2014

Contact Information:
P. O. Box 836
     Madison, Tennessee 37116-0836

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